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Other Services - Estate Planning Tools

If you are in the workforce or on the verge of your golden years, you need a knowledgeable and experienced financial expert to help you plan for the future. Financial services must be provided at the optimal time and catered to your unique financial needs.

Estate Planning Tools

There is no shame in asking for assistance with estate planning. The financial and legal aspects of estate planning can be challenging. Benham Advisory Group will help you plan properly and ensure your assets go to those that you select. We help you avoid the situation of a poorly structured estate plan that leaves your wishes unfulfilled.

Current Insurance Policy Analysis

Allow us to take a look at your current insurance policy. We will take the time to determine if you are spending prudently or if another policy makes more sense financially. Our team can explain the differences between insurance plans and analyze how they benefit or harm your interests. If there is nothing wrong with your current policy, nothing will change. However, if we can pinpoint areas for improvement, we will improve your coverage and/or cut your costs.

Wealth Transfer Planning

Our experts are here to evaluate your unique financial situation and assess the best approach to wealth transfer planning. It might be determined IRA legacy planning will help you attain your goal of building an inheritance for your beneficiaries, withstanding the test of time. We help you plan with strategies that ultimately minimize taxes and increase payouts.

Charitable Giving

Forming a charitable gift giving plan has the potential to provide numerous tax breaks like:

  • Avoiding capital gains taxes on assets that have highly appreciated
  • An income tax deduction
  • A decrease, or elimination of estate taxes on charitable contributions upon death.


Inheritance Tax Planning

The inheritance tax is payable on possessions of value upon death. This includes the home, additional properties, vehicles, jewelry, investments, works of art, and so on. However, if assets are put into specific types of trusts, the inheritance tax can become payable prior to death. The part of the estate left to a spouse or civil partner can be exempt from the tax. Nonetheless, there are exceptions.

The bottom line is you need a skilled, experienced inheritance tax planning expert by your side. Lean on our team and we will minimize your inheritance tax exposure. Our goal is to make your transition toward retirement and into your golden years as graceful as possible.