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Welcome to the Benham Advisory Group

We are here to help you sidestep unnecessary risk, keep your retirement assets intact, and achieve the retirement you have always dreamed of. Let us assist you in safeguarding your hard-earned savings and minimize your tax burden. We look ahead into our client's financial future to anticipate financial challenges that have the potential to arise. Our mission is to provide you with the financial guidance necessary for you to truly enjoy your golden years.

Estate and Tax Planning Tools

Estate and tax planning has become quite complex. Each client's estate and tax planning challenges are highly unique. Some desire to maximize wealth for family members while others may be looking to donate to charities. Certain clients have amassed large retirement savings accounts and are looking for a way to avoid taxes. Our team is here to help you reach all your goals for retirement. Once we discover your individual retirement, estate, and tax planning needs, we will custom tailor solutions that are unique to you.

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We provide an array of services

Including but not limited to the following:

Let us help you plan for all potential scenarios, from the circumstance outliving your spouse to ensuring you have enough savings for a high quality of life.

The challenges posed by changing employers, retiring, or maximizing the value of your IRA and 401K are situations we can help you with. With our assistance, you will continue to grow your money in a tax-deferred manner.

Our team will walk you through asset protection strategies, like annuities, that provide a source of supplemental income stretching across retirement.

Nowadays, just about every financial decision has to be made with tax consequences in mind. We can help you plan to minimize money owed.

Preserve Your Wealth

Benham Advisory Group exhibits the experience necessary to preserve your wealth and legacy. Our professionals will help you avoid unnecessary risks, protect your money, and allow you to enjoy a steady stream of income during retirement. We provide planning that protects all you have worked so hard for and tries to minimize taxes. Let us guide you to the worry-free retirement you deserve.

Let's meet for a FREE personalized consultation to ensure a worry-free retirement.

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